Friday, November 19, 2010

Another experiment gone awry?

Thanksgiving 2009 I baked my "famous" macaroni and cheese a little different. The family was pleased except for one aunt, who apparently didn't like a traditional side changed, at all (It was pretty funny). I wasn't impressed either but I was being creative. No longer. Clearly, Thanksgiving is NOT the time to be creative.

Things will be different this year. Not sure I've learned my lesson though. We'll see. :)
Thanksgiving is in 6 days and I volunteered to make the stuffing. My plan was to use Stove Top stuffing and doctor it up a bit - sausage, celery, carrots, etc. However, I saw a recipe from the wonderful Chef Tom Colicchio and I got to thinking, again. ;)

Around November 12, Colicchio tweeted about his sausage stuffing with sage. I clicked on the link from his tweet and scrolled through the ingredients: sausage, fennel, leeks, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, french bread cubes, thyme, sage, chicken stock and a few other basic ingredients. The dish also calls for golden raisins. I left those out. Not a fan of raisins in my stuffing ...
But everything else sounded so good, so I thought, why not? Let's give it a shot.

With my trusty assistant - my niece Wanyana - we chopped, diced, peeled and tossed the ingredients together and baked it up. The dish is pretty amazing. But I made a mistake with the breadcrumbs, sorry Colicchio. Instead of using french bread and cutting up the pieces myself into small cubes, I bought rather large size bread crumbs from Whole Foods. Not a cool move.

So of course, once you add the chicken broth to the bread crumbs, they expanded.
See for yourself...
Even still, nothing beats the taste.

For Thanksgiving Day, I will probably doctor the recipe a little bit and not include the large bread crumbs. But the vegetables are staying in. We'll see how the Thanksgiving Day dish compares to the original. :)

Till then, happy cooking!

- Rani Robinson, Good Food

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