Thursday, November 18, 2010

My relationship with Twitter

Today I was once again reminded of the benefits of using Twitter. Many of my friends don't understand, yet, why I choose to be on Twitter more than Facebook. Let me explain.

While watching the latest feed on Twitter, I noticed that the O magazine (Oprah) Twitter handle posted a note messaging all foodies - Delicious gifts for food lovers: I clicked on the link and scrolled down the list until something caught my eye - it was 2 things, actually. The word Charleston and Biscuit. OK. I have to pause here and explain (as I'm chuckling to myself).

My mother's family is from Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is adorable. Growing up, I didn't think so, but now, Charleston is a great place to be. In regards to the word Biscuits, well, who doesn't love biscuits. They're my weakness.

I clicked on the foodie gift item - Callies Charleston Biscuits. They looked so yummy. That page on the O magazine site led me to Callies website. So now, I'm hooked. I'm scrolling all through Callies website. I tried to find a Twitter handle but nothing, only a blog. I needed something. I needed to be updated on everything Callies, so of course, I subscribed to the Blog. 

This coming Christmas will be the next time I'm in Charleston, and where do you think one of my stops is going to be - after Hominy Grill, of course - that's right -  Callies Charleston Biscuits.

There are so many wonderful things I discover when using Twitter. I learn about the wonderful lives behind the chefs I follow. I get first dibs on the latest creations @Etsy, and of course, following MSNBC's Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow allows me access inside their brilliant minds and into how Washington is really thinking.

P.S. 15 minutes after completing this blog entry, I went back to Callies website and found the Twitter and Facebook handles in the bottom right corner of the website. I'll have to speak with the folks at Callies about elevating their Twitter handle to the top...

Follow me on Twitter @RaniR

- Rani Robinson, Good Food

Photo: Country Ham Biscuits from Callies Charleston Biscuits

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  1. I want some!! I'm looking forward to going to Callies when you're in town!


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