Saturday, December 3, 2011

Purée Magic!

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be in the purée business. My daughter turned 4 months today and earlier this week, we started her on avocado. I like to call it Avocado Mash. :) She LOVED it and no bad reaction in the days to follow presented itself.

Our daughter has been growing (already wearing 6-9 month cloths) so fast that we had to turn to food. She's still on breastmilk but now we do puréed organic veggies. Today, it's all about the sweet potatoes. Until I can get into a rhythm of going to the Farmers Market, we'll continue with store bought organic vegetables and fruit.

Unlike the avocado that I could easily mash up with a fork and mesh strainer, the sweet potatoe is another thing. I was speaking with my co-worker Marissa this week about starting her on avocado and how we were headed toward sweet potatoes. Marissa had lots of good advice including the suggestion of using the Beaba (babycook) baby food processor. I had seen the Beaba in the store, but figured I'd wait a little awhile - give my old processor a shot. But she recommended I use her's (no longer needed since her 2 boys were older). I gladly accepted. On loan to us until her sister has her second child.

Without officially endorsing Beaba, I have to say it's purée magic! It's been awhile since I used a food processor but I certainly don't remember the cleaning process being so easy and quick. I mean, check out my old processor -- I had to clean every little part after I was done. Time consuming and discouraging if you want to use it a lot.

Cleaning the Beaba took 1-minute, if that. I took off the lid, unlocked the bowl, rinsed with soap and hot water and done.Love it!

Now for the good stuff. I cleaned the sweet potatoes with purified water (as purified as possible ...), peeled the sweet potatoe (a must when doing baby food. Their little systems can't break down the skin yet).

I chopped the potato into small pieces and placed in the basket -- the steam basket. If I had done this the traditional way - before Beaba time - I'd have to boil or bake the sweet potatoes until they were soft enough to purée. That works but it's time consuming and I have precious time to do this, before my daughter wakes up from her morning nap. Clock's ticking.

The sweet potatoes are now in the basket. Turn the power button to steam and wait, about 5-10 minutes.

Once the steaming process is complete, I transfer the sweet potatoes from the basket to the bowl to purée.

In about 30 seconds or less (seriously) you'll have puréed to perfection sweet potatoes.

I placed about 4-oz or less into the Beaba freezer containers (again, courtesy of my wonderful co-worker) and once cooled down (from the steam), place in the freezer.

One-two-three and done. That easy. That good. I only hope I remain this excited about puréed food and continue to take the time to do this. It's so beneficial for my daughter when it comes to starting her off on a good, healthy start.

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