Friday, July 2, 2010

Going Green

In an effort to be sustainable and practice good green techniques, I started growing herbs on my balcony.

After work one day I went to Johnson's Florist and sought professional help on what I should purchase, based on the limited sunlight that my balcony offers. I went with regular flat leaf parsley and basil. I was pleasantly surprised how well the herbs did. Even during very hot days - pushing 100 degrees - they lasted. I made a point to water the them each day.

There is something very satisfactory about walking onto the balcony and picking off basil and parsley when I need it. No more $3-5 herb purchases. I'm excited to return to Johnson's, tell them of the success and see what their suggestion might be for my next purchase.

Using the basil and parsley, I created a simple tomato sauce to go with angel hair pasta. I sprinkled the parsley on top as the finishing touch. It was wonderful. Tasted incredibly fresh. What to cook next?

- Rani Robinson, Good Food

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