Thursday, March 18, 2010

Delicious Things Going On in Austin

When you think of Austin, TX, what comes to your mind? Food, music, cowboy boots? For me, it was immediately food, drinks and South by Southwest (SXSW). The Interactive & Film Festival kicks off the South by Southwest festivities in Austin each year, and it's the time where everyone that has anything to do with the online world converges together for 5 days. Five days of panel discussions, workshops, networking, parties, eating, drinking and drinking some more. It's truly an experience that everyone should enjoy, at least once.

The amount of restaurants and bars in Austin is overwhelming, but in a fabulous way. Whether you have a craving for barbecue, Tex-Mex, seafood, Italian or a slice of pizza, Austin can and will satisfy each craving.

I had a wonderful experience and it's worth sharing.
Here are my must eat spots in Austin.
Happy eating!

My friend Valerie and I
ordered Mauro Plato, grilled queso flameado (flaming cheese) with small pieces of steak strips. Heaven!
Address: 1412 S. Congress Ave.

Hey Cupcake
I ordered the 2 Carrots Cup Cake.
An absolute joy and melt in your
mouth experience.
Address: 1 Block South of Gueros at 1600 South Congress Ave.

Iron Cactus
My friend Kathleen and I ordered Yucatan Fish Tacos - a very nice, light white fish wrapped in a flour tortilla (it comes in a crispy corn tortilla) with lime butter sauce, mango salsa, fresh spinach rice and jicama slaw. All extremely tasty.
Address: 606 Trinity Street

Crepes Mille
A really cute crepes food truck in South Austin. Kathleen ordered the special, a Sticky rice mango crepe which I had a bite of and was pleasantly surprised. It definitely held up to its name, it was very sticky. But mixed with peanut butter and some other sweet flavors, it was different but good. 

Really, I'm recommending the food truck and the service. The nicest guys off of S. Congress.
Address: 1318 S. Congress Ave. 
Visit the Website

La Condesa
I stumbled upon La Condesa restaurant, located in the Warehouse District off of 2nd Ave., on Yelp. I was looking for a nice place to have a well-balanced meal (after late night meals of Tex-Mex, I needed a break) - a protein, vegetable and starch, yes, in that order ... (chuckles).

La Condesa was a dream. We made a reservation but were early and the only thing available on a Sunday night around 8:30 p.m. was the outside bar seating. Luckily, the weather was a dream that night.

I ordered the Sunday Chicken (slightly larger than a Cornish hen) with a side of glazed onions, and white rice and black beans. The chicken was seasoned to perfection with a little peppery kick. Awesome! And the highlight meal of the week.
Address: 400-A W 2nd Street

Maria Maria
After a fantastic and heart-warming meal at La Condesa, we wandered down Colorado St. to find another tasty beverage and came across Maria Maria, which apparently is co-owned by the talented Carlos Santana. For me, this restaurant represented everything I love about Austin - open doors, large windows, great music, live music, friendly people and no cover charge. We walked right in. No one asked if we needed to be seated or what we needed. Maria Maria is a restaurant and bar. And on this Saturday night, we walked right in, sat at the bar and placed our order. By far one of my favorite places for fantastic atmosphere.
Address: 415 Colorado Street

The County Line Barbecue
This location for County Line is set beautifully on a Lake in East Austin. The Baby Back Ribs I had weren't bad. Surprising though, I enjoyed the one sausage link I had even more. I was eager to try both. I believe my exact words to the waiter were, "Can I have the Baby Back Ribs and can you also slap a sausage on the side?" He chuckled and then said, "Yeah. We can do that."
Address: FM 2222 just before 360

Enoteca Vespasio
Do you love pasta? How about homemade pasta? I had never experienced homemade spaghetti until Enoteca and I must confess, I had a moment.

I ordered Spaghettini con Polpette. After a nice spinach salad with extra large walnuts as my appetizer, the bowl of garlic bread, homemade spaghetti with veal meatballs stuffed with fontina sat there in front of me for a few minutes before I dove in. I took a photo and carefully planned my course of action - garlic bread or veal meatballs, which one first?
The pasta was light and thin, not angel hair thin and not out-of-the-box spaghetti thick either. Perfect.

I didn't want the meal to end. I could have marinated on that meal for hours. So good!
Address: 1610 S Congress Ave.
Visit the Website

- Rani Robinson, Good Food

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